Inspection Details

Simple forms for doing property inspections, Property Inspection Manager iPhone iPad app

Easily create Routine Inspection or Property Condition (including Ingoing/Outgoing or Entry/Exit) Reports using simple forms. Then choose from a wide range of inbuilt inspection areas and sub inspection areas to suit your property. If you don't find what you want you can add your own areas and use those instead.

Voice Dictation

Voice Dictation

With the new iPads (3rd generation only) and Property Inspection BOSS, Voice Dictation is now available offering a simple and new way of entering your Inspection Notes!! (Note: Requires a valid internet connection.
Follow our simple instructions on how to setup this great feature.

Property Profiles

Quick data entry for property inspections, Property Inspection Manager iPhone iPad app

New Feature - Property profile Property Profiles now makes setting up all your Inspection Areas even quicker. The existing property profile such as 3 Bed x 2 Bath x 1 Garage can now be fully customised or new ones added. Visit Settings -> PIB Admin -> Property Profiles. When using Import functionality a default property profile can also be setup allowing all your Rent Roll properties to reuse the same property layout.

New Feature - Property ProfilesNew Feature - Property Profiles

And with the Inspection Area Manager it will save you even more time setting up your inspections. Less taps means less time!

Data entry is made quick and easy with the Custom Shorthand feature, also known as phrase bursts. It allows common phrases or shorthand words to be available on screen (simply type the abbreviation followed by a tap or period character). Customers will enjoy being able to add their own words to the standard list to enhance this feature for your company. Saves on typing!

Property Inspection BOSS now offers a great new feature allowing you to conveniently select any of your shorthand words. Available via a small blue add button at the top of your keyboard that will popup the new shorthand selection screen, complex sentences can now be constructed at the tap of a finger, in addition to using the existing checklist text and manual keyboard entry where necessary. See a snapshot of the new shorthand system in action below!!

New Feature - Shorthand Words popup

High Quality Inspection Photos

Inspection report high quality photos for property inspections, Property Inspection Manager iPhone iPad app

Any photos taken from your iPad camera, the iPad Camera Connectivity Kit or your iPad’s photo library or via Photo Stream can be added to your inspection report. For each image it automatically stores the current date/time, as well any additional notes you add. No more messing around with a separate cameras! Do everything on the one device, saving time and money.

High Quality Photos now supported in latest generation iPads!

On-screen Indicators

Checklist for property inspections, Property Inspection Manager iPhone iPad app

Easily remember which areas of a room have already been inspected using the on-screen checklists. All available at your fingertips. No more forgetting what you have inspected! Our checklists let you see where you left off.

New Feature - Inspection Area ManagerOn-Screen 'Areas Completed' Indicator - Easily visualise how many Inspection or Sub Inspection Areas have been completed. Changes to green upon completion of all areas!. Available from v2.3.3, see a snapshot below of this feature in action.

New Feature - On-Screen Indicator

Property Reports

email Word and PDF for property inspections, Property Inspection Manager iPhone iPad app

Preview your Routine Inspection Reports or Property Condition Reports In-App or send the professional quality report directly back to the office for further editing. Reports available in MS Word or PDF or both! The reports can even include any photos you have taken for the inspection.

Property Management

Property Inspection Management for property managers, Property Inspection Manager iPhone iPad app

View all your Properties in one place. Previous inspected properties can be easily searched and then reused for additional inspections whenever you need. Whether its after 6 months or a year, your old inspections will still be available and individual areas can be compared to see what has changed. Say goodbye to printed documents. All your historical reports and inspections available at the touch of a button. Your Inspections can be edited anytime/anywhere and even after they have been submitted. Once a property inspection has been completed, final report drafting changes can be made on the iPad, or on your desktop PC/Mac using MS Word. We have made Property Inspection BOSS flexible to suit your needs without any restrictions!

Support for Property Mgmt Software, i.e. REST, CONSOLE and GEEDEE now available. More information available