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Property Inspection BOSS is available FREE to use for a 2 week trial. As part of signing up for this trial, we will style and brand the Inspection and Condition Reports to suit your needs (Samples available). Signup takes just minutes so you can start seeing the benefits of using Property Inspection BOSS today.

Find out how Property Inspection BOSS gives you a great return on investment (ROI).

Property Inspection BOSS

Routine Inspection, Condition Reports
Inspection History
MS Word and PDF Formats
Preview Reports, Email to Office
Onscreen Checklists
Inspection Photos

Limited in Guest version.
Unlimited Inspections

Each Inspector can generate unlimited Inspection Reports and add any number of inspections.
Guest version limited to 3 new Inspections.
Unlimited Usage
You can make unlimited changes to your inspections once it has been submitted. Inspections can be edited anytime/anywhere!
Multiple Inspectors per Device

Each Inspector can have a separate email address so to minimise the number of iPads you need.
Custom Shorthand words

Add and edit your own shorthand words for fast data entry.
Reports Without Watermarks

Only the Guest version contains watermarks on reports.
Forms Updated Periodically

Whenever forms are updated to reflect new legislation, your forms will also be updated periodically.
Online Account Access

Access your account information. Property Inspection BOSS users can also manage their templates online.
Powerful Template Customisation for Professional Inspection Reports

Include your company branding, logos, style. Find out more
Personalised Service and Support

We'll set up your account, help you get started, customise your templates, and make sure you get the most out of Property Inspection BOSS!
Property Management Software Support

Import data from popular property packages such as REST, GEEDEE and Console.

PM BOSS Clients $499 + GST for 12 months
General Clients $549 + GST for 12 months
Monthly for 12 months is $69 + GST per month
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